Public Participation

ACHC fully communicates with relevant department of the government, and organizes extensive public participation activities repeatedly in strict accordance with relevant requirements and provisions of the Government of Myanmar. During physical index survey of land requisition and resettlement, ACHC, together with the Government of Myanmar, experts and local organizations, conducts a survey among all the project-affected persons on the social impact and resettlement interest along with the project development. Particularly, a face-to-face communication is made with the head of each household involved in the relocation.

  • A photo of a household in the survey

  • A villager is signing on the questionnaire.

The poll on resettlement in project planning shows that 80% of the project-affected persons hold that the hydropower development will bring a lot of benefits, the public pays more attention to the resettlement and development issues, and the hydropower development can promote the protection of national culture. In a word, the public generally support the project construction.

  • Polling on resettlement

During project implementation, ACHC asks local elders and religious leaders for their wills and suggestions on many occasions, and interviews at different social levels like religious leaders, experts, scholars and officials.