Chipwi Nge HPP

  1. 99           MW

    Installed Capacity

  2. 599           GWh

    Average annual energy

  3. 47.5          M

    High dam

  4. 433           M

    Net head of water

Chipwi Nge HPP is located on the Chipwi River, which is a tributary of the Maykha River. It is about 150 km from Myitkyina City. Its installed capacity is 99 MW with an annual energy output of 599 GWh. Its dam is a 47.5 m high concrete gravity dam. This project is developed by Chipwi Nge Hydropower Co., Ltd., which is a joint venture company in Myanmar by SPIC Yunnan International Power Investment Co., Ltd., MOEE (Ministry of Electricity and Energy of Myanmar) and Myanmar’s Asia World Group registered in Myanmar at ownership ratio of 80% : 15% : 5%. It is developed on the basis of BOT with a franchise period of 40 years, after which Chipwi Nge HPP will be handed over to Myanmar Government without any compensation.

Chipwi Nge HPP was commenced in March 2008 and provided with power generation conditions in September 2011. But later on, its dam and powerhouse was destroyed due to continuous local armed conflicts. In 2013, to relieve power shortage in Kachin State, SPIC invested to repair. Chipwi Nge HPP restored power generation in September of that year. Currently, supplying power to Chipwi, Myitkyina, Mogok, Mohnyin, Juebutong and so on, it has become a significant power source of north Myanmar and highly praised by Myanmar’s Government and local people.