Boosting Economy

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Constructing and developing power plants is to change resource superiority into economic superiority of a country and is much beneficial to society and economy. On one hand, Myanmar can gain huge direct economic returns through free power supply and shares and taxes within the franchise period without any investment of capital first, and then take over the operation rights of all HPPs without any compensation to gain benefits after the franchise period. On the other hand, capital invested into project will enhance development of local supporting industries and bring inestimable indirect benefits.

Construction of the project requires abundant of cement, reinforcement and other construction materials. The huge demand for materials and equipment will not only drive port construction and development, but also accelerate the development of national logistics, industrial manufacturing, construction material industry, architecture industry and other secondary industries, playing an important role in promoting economy and international trade, and improving Myanmar’s international competitiveness.

The infrastructure constructed for supporting these projects and the scenic area after construction of the dam will energize transportation, tourism, life service and other third industries.