We have been sticking to and will always stick to the concept of "creating green environment, building ecological civilization, laying equal stress on both development and protection, and giving consideration to self-interest and the benefits of the downstream river basin.
    In the course of developing Ayeyawady Hydropower Projects, we, according to the laws of Myanmar and the actual situations and by full reference to the World Bank’s resettlement guidelines and worldwide successful practice in resettlement work for hydropower development, carry out the resettlement work in three steps,that is,

    (1) the project-affected persons are willing to relocate;
    (2) the project-affected persons live a stable life;
    (3) the project-affected persons are able to develop
    to finally promote sustainable development of local economy.

    Basic Principles for Resettlement :
    (1)Make sure that the living standard of the project-affected persons will not be lower than the original standard and will be improved to some extent after the implementation of the project.
    (2)Let it be led by the government, capital contributed and physically implemented by enterprises and make sure that the compensation standard is in line with the government’s requirements.
    (3)Benefit the public and help the project-affected persons achieving sustainable development.