Myitsone HPP

  1. 6000        MW

    Installed Capacity

  2. 30,860          GWh

    Average annual energy

  3. 139.5         M

    High dam

  4. 93           M

    Net head of water

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Myitsone HPP is located on the main stream of the Ayeyawady River. Its dam site is about 40km from Myitkyina City. The installed capacity of Myitsone HPP is 6,000 MW and the average annual energy is 30,860 GWh. Its dam is a 139.5m high concrete face rockfill dam. The reservoir has a normal pool level of EL245m and a total storage of 13.282 billion cubic meters. Myitsone HPP, after completion, can effectively adjust most of floods of the Ayeyawady River upstream Myitkyina City. The flood control storage of the reservoir reserved is 850 million cubic meters, which can increase the flood control capacity of Myitkyina City to a 20-year re-occurrence.

The preliminary works of Myitsone HPP were commenced in December 2009 and was suspended by Myanmar’s government unilaterally on September 30, 2011. Before suspension, resettlement at dam site was finished and works like site formation, water supply, power supply and transportation facilities were commenced.