In the resettlement villages, ACHC builds kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools, configures brand-new educational facilities and sports facilities, and donates teaching materials, school uniform, stationery and so on to all the students.

Before the relocation, due to decentralized residence, there are only 435 school students, with the school enrollment of only 60%-65%. After 4 schools are built, number of students increases to more than 1000, with the school enrollment rising to 80%. In addition, a 10th-grade college entrance examination class has been carried out, in which the students can take the college entrance examination directly. The number of students to be admitted to university increases to 22 in total till 2017 from only 3 before 2009. The number of students to be admitted to university increases by years.

2017年9月 昂敏达移民村 伊江奖学金颁发.JPG

The improving of road quality and better teaching facilities attract more children of school age from neighbor villages to the resettlement village schools.

ACHC establishes "ACHC Scholarship" through spontaneous donation for rewarding students admitted to university,who are excellent in character and learning. Since the establishment in 2013, ACHC has delivered  the "ACHC Scholarship" of MMK 8.3 million cumulatively to 411 outstanding students, of which 19 students have been admitted to university.

ACHC staff takes spare time teaching local students Chinese and English lessons voluntarily. The annual total time in class is more than 200 hours.

ACHC coordinates with organizations such as China-Myanmar Friendship Association, Chinese Language and Culture Education Foundation of China, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), to gain opportunities for local students to take participant into summer camps and studying in China.