In the course of project construction planning and relocation, by full reference to relevant standards of the World Bank, ACHC takes effective measures for local customs and practices, traditional customs and life style, especially religious and cultural facilities, to implement comprehensive protection.

Respect local religious customs and cultural tradition all the time, and blend in local culture actively to participate in local religious and traditional activities. Give support in major festivals and important religious activities and keep close contact and communication with local public, religious leaders and non-governmental organizations(NGOs).

The religious and cultural facilities built guarantee the implementation of local religious and cultural activities.

ACHC participates in local cultural activities actively, repairs such religious venues as monastery and church continuously, and carries out communications and dialogs with local clergies and NGOs.

ACHC, together with the resettlement villages, carries out multiform recreational and sports activities, organizes such activities as basketball and football friendly matches, takes family photo for the villagers, and holds painting and calligraphy exhibition of students to enrich the cultural life.