Improving Power Supply

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After completion, the project will relieve bad power shortage in Myanmar, especially in north Myanmar, and drive development of industries relating to electric power industry.

Meanwhile, it will increase installed capacity and water resources utilization efficiency in Myanmar, optimize the structure of electric power industry which focuses on clean energy, ensuring sustainable development in energy and economy.

In addition, after completion of the project, the electric power industry in Myanmar will have a great-leap-forward development, the national power grid will keep upgrading and the power grid in north Myanmar will keep expanding to provide stable, reliable, economical and safe power for realization of industrial modernization through the north-to-south power transmission scheme which is consistent with national development requirements.

This project will also reduce use of petroleum, gas and other fossil energy, enabling Myanmar to be a worldwide lead in the fields of energy conservation and emission reduction as well as green development.

Construction and operation of the project will help Myanmar to cultivate technology strength in electric power industry and establish its own electric power technology standards and systems so, increasing Myanmar’s HPP construction and operation management level to world first class.