Sustainable Development

Referencing to the World Bank’s resettlement guidelines and worldwide successful practice in resettlement work for hydropower development, ACHC helps the project-affected individuals increase job opportunities and strengthen vocational skills based on comprehensive analysis and assessment about current situations of the resettlement villages. ACHC devotes great effort to facilitate and coordinate with the government for achieving more assistance and support to the public.

ACHC keeps providing supply electricity and water for the resettlement villages free of charge, and communicating and visiting villagers frequently. By February 2018, 1740.16 MW·h free electricity has been provided totally to villagers.

Conduct timely maintenance to the facilities  such as houses and roads which are damaged in rainy season.

Facilitate the Government of Kachin State assistanting and supporting to projects such as bamboo chopstick factory,which improves self and sustainable development capability of resettlement villages.

Continuously assist to guide villagers to develop the tourism resources of the Kyein Hkrein River. There are already more than 60 households participating in the development to effectively promote the employment income.



Facilitate the Government of Kachin State to gain assistance and support to establish a bamboo chopstick factory,which improves self-development capability and keep the locals sustainable developing.