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In July 2009, a survey team, as organized by Department of Hydropower Implementation (DHPI) of Ministry of Electric Power No. 1 (MOEP1), was formed by the members from the Government of Kachin State, CPI Yunnan International Power Investment Co., Ltd. (CPIYN), AWC and Changjiang Institute of Survey, Planning, Design and Research (CISPDR) to survey the impact of land acquisition for Myitsone HPP. During the survey, the five-party survey team surveyed every household and all facilities and all the survey results were signed by the head or the responsible person of the household for confirmation.

In middle September 2009, DHPI, CPI, AWC, CISPDR and the Government of Kachin State that participated in the survey signed the summarized data by village for confirmation.

In 2011, the impact of land acquisition for the other 6 cascade HPPs was surveyed and survey reports prepared.

In October 2010, the Resettlement Implementation Scheme for Myitsone HPP Dam Area and Reservoir Area Near to Dam was completed. Two settlements were established in Myitsone HPP dam area with 410 sets of house built for settlement of totally 2146 people from 402 households.

In March 2011, the General Plan for Settlement of Immigrants from Reservoir Area of Myitsone HPP was prepared.