Public Health

ACHC furnishes advanced medical facilities, provides medical professional training for local medical personnel, invites medical experts to carry out various medical activities, and helps local public treat the diseases to greatly improve their medical health conditions.

      Since 2010, the hospital has received patients of about 15,000 person-times to greatly improve their medical conditions.

      For the current situations of rampant malaria and dengue fever in rainy season of each year, ACHC has invited the experts of Yunnan Center for Disease Control and Prevention to go to community to carry out such activities as malaria prevention and control, gratuitous treatment, physical examination, science popularization of rampant malaria prevention and free drug in successive 5 years. In 2015, ACHC realized historical breakthrough of zero case in malaria and dengue fever of the project-affected persons.

      ACHC assists Yunnan Province and Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China in Mandalay of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to carry out march towards brightness activity to treat tens of cataract patients