At that time (2006), Myanmar had no environmental protection laws and environmental and social assessment regulations, but CPI still assessed environmental and social impact and took measures to protect environment strictly in accordance to laws and regulations concerning environmental protection in Myanmar in the view of long-term benefits and responsibility based on international environmental assessment standards and technical specifications of the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank in combination of the actual local situation. The main works are summarized as follows:

  • Prepare an overall environmental impact assessment outline and take it as the basis of overall environmental assessment in the basin after approval of Myanmar’s government.

  • Prepare an overall environmental assessment report and take it as the basis of environmental impact study and environmental protection design for each unit work after approval of Myanmar’s government.

  • Implement relevant measures strictly according to approved environmental scheme during execution of project.

  • Implement relevant environmental protection work strictly according to any new laws and regulations concerning environment promulgated by Myanmar.