Resettlemen Villages

With the leadership of the GOM, the relocation work in the dam area was officially started on May 28, 2010. On June 29, 2011, the relocation and resettlement work of 410 households (2146   persons) in the dam area was completed.


Resettlement Houses

There are 414 buildings built in two resettlement model villages: Aung Myin Thar and Maliyan. The building structure is improved as two-storey masonry-timber structure from cottage room. Each household has independent courtyard. The housing conditions have been improved greatly.

旧住宅Old houses.JPG

新住宅Old houses.JPG

Religious Facilities

ACHC pays high attention to the suggestions of local elders and religious leaders, and builds better religious and cultural facilities    to provide good facilities for the implementation of religious and cultural activities. According to the opinions of religious leaders, 2 Baptist Churches, 2 Roman Catholic Churches, 2 monasteries, 1 folk museum and 1 ancestral worship hall are built in the Myitsone dam site area. The above churches and monasteries and the like totally cover an area of about 25 acres. Each religious facility, besides main building, is equipped with reception room, training classroom, kitchen and other perfect auxiliary facilities.


Three primary schools and one middle school are built in the resettlement villages, with a total floor area of 14.5 acres. The buildings include teaching building, staff quarter, court and  teacher's office. The new schools have perfect facilities to greatly improve the conditions for running schools of resettlement villages. The hardware facilities are called as the best in the equivalent administrative areas.



The new Aung Myin Thar Hospital has perfect facilities and good hardware conditions. The hospital and clinic built in the resettlement   villages, set with 16 inpatient beds and equipped with advanced medical equipment, have the best hardware facilities in Kachin State regions.

Other facilities

Build a new concrete road with a length of 19.6 km, and add 1 post office, 2 police stations, 2 administrative buildings, 2 fire stations, 2 reading rooms, 1 guesthouse and market place, covering an area of about 6 acres, to provide great convenience for the daily life of villagers.


Resettlement compensation

As per the compensation standards issued by the government, the physical index is counted commonly on site by five-party investigation team jointly formed by the members from the Government of Kachin State, CPI Yunnan International Power Investment Co., Ltd. (CPIYN), AWC and Changjiang Institute of Survey, Planning, Design and Research (CISPDR), organized by Department of Hydropower Implementation (DHPI), Ministry of Electric Power No. 1 (MOEP1), Myanmar, and signed by the head of a household on site for confirmation. The compensation is paid by ACHC in cash at a time, and signed by the head of a household for confirmation. To support the production and living of the project-affected persons, ACHC also pays land consolidation fee of MMK 100,000, 30 kg rice seed and 50 kg chemical fertilizer to each household.