Wutsok HPP

  1. 250         MW

    Installed Capacity

  2. 2500          GWh

    Average annual energy

  3. 199         M

    High dam

  4. 113            M

    Net head of water

Wutsok HPP is the fourth cascade HPP planned on the main stream of the Maykha River. Its dam site is about 210 km from Myitkyina City. Its installed capacity is 2500 MW and average annual energy is 13,410 GWh. Its dam designed is a 199m high concrete face rockfill dam. The reservoir has a normal pool level of EL525m and a total storage of 552 million cubic meters.

Survey and design for Wutsok HPP were commenced but suspended due to armed conflicts in north Myanmar on April 26, 2012.