Yeywa HPP has an installed capacity of 790 MW, the highest in Myanmar, and an annual energy output of about 3,550 GWh. It was completed in 2011. It features a 137m high concrete gravity dam. Yeywa HPP has relieved power shortage in Myanmar and brought enormous returns for economic and social development to middle Myanmar and even the whole country.

    Upper Paunglaung HPP was located near Naypyidaw, the capital of Myanmar and was completed in 2015. Its dam is a 98m roller compacted concrete dam. It has an installed capacity of 140 MW and an annual energy output of 454 GWh.

    Itaipu HPP is the world's largest hydropower project in the 20th century built jointly by Brazil and Paraguay, aiming at power generation. Its first unit began generating power in 1983, with a total installed capacity of 14,000 MW currently and an annual energy output of 90,000 GWh, providing sufficient power to guarantee the economic development of Brazil and Paraguay.

    The Three Gorges Dam of China is the largest hydropower station in the world. It was completed in 2009, and its installed capacity is 22500MW. Its design annual energy output is about 100,000 GWh and the power is transmitted to the most economically active areas in China such as Shanghai and Guangdong via 500kV EHV AC/DC transmission lines.

    Shilongba Hydropower Station is the first hydropower station in China. It, located at the water outlet of the Dian Lake of the Tanglangchuan River, suburb of Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China, has steep slopes and rapids, and a natural head of more than 30m. It started to be constructed in 1910. Through decades of development, for the water-diversion project, the installed capacity is increased to 7040 kW from initial 480 kW, and the cumulative energy production exceeds 1 TWh through several times' expansion successively. It mainly supplies power to Kunming City, and makes an indelible contribution to Yunnan's economic development and social progress, with epoch-making significance.

    The Grand Coulee Dam of America was built as a large multi-functional hydropower project to generate electric power, control floods, provide irrigation, regulate runoff, supply water to cities, serve as a scenic spot and improve the navigation conditions and generated power in 1941. It is a 168 m high concrete gravity dam and its installed capacity is 6494 MW

    Nuozhadu Hydropower Station is located at the junction of Simao District of Pu'er City and Langcang County at the downstream of the Langcang River. The hydroproject is composed of rockfill dam, left-bank spillway, left-bank water diversion and power generation system, etc. Nuozhadu Reservoir has a normal pool level of 812m. The core-wall rockfill dam has the maximum dam height of 261.5m, ranking the third in the world in the similar dam type. The reservoir has a total storage capacity of 23.703 billion m3. The power station has a total investment of about RMB 61.1 billion (about USD 8.86 billion), the annual utilization hours of 4088, and an annual energy production of 23.912 TWh.

    The Grande Dixence Dam is a 285 m high concrete gravity dam. It was commenced in 1953 and completed in 1962. Its installed capacity is 2000 MW.

    The Kurobe Dam, the highest and longest dam in Japan, was commenced in 1956 and completed in 1963, integrating power generation, tourism and other functions. It is 186 m high and 492 m long. Its total installed capacity is 335 MW.

    The Chirkey Dam of Russia was put into operation in 1974. It is a 232.5 m high concrete double-curvature arch dam. Its installed capacity is 1000 MW.

    Nurek Dam is the second high dam in the world. It is located in the Bulisangjing Canyon of the Vakhsh River within Tajikistan. The hydroproject has such functions as power generation and irrigation. The controlled catchment area is 30700 km2. The average annual runoff is 20.4 billion m3. The dam is of earth core rockfill dam, with the maximum dam height of 300m, ranking the first in the world in the similar dam type. The reservoir is a seasonal regulating reservoir, with a total storage capacity of 10.5 billion m3. The semi-outdoor powerhouse of the right-bank hydropower station has a total installed capacity of 2.7 GW and an average annual energy production of 11.2 TWh. The hydropower station was completed in 1980.