2014--2015 ACHC Scholarship Granting Ceremony


 On September9,2015,ACHC held the “2014-2015 ACHC Scholarship Geremony”at the auditorium of Aung Min Thar Resettlement School. Over 300 people including officials of Myitkyina Education Bureau, Villagers Committee of Aung Min Thar resettlement village, parents of students, and villages attended the ceremony.

 The ceremony honhred 86 students from four schools in two resettlement villages namely Aung Min Thar and Maliyan who had excellent performance or got enrolled into colleges and granted scholarships of a total sumof 2.05 million Myanmar Kyars. The scholarship not only supported the excellent students financially but encouraged them in spirit and stimulated their determination to become successful.

——Ma Jar Lailu, student from Aung Min Thar resettlement village who received the scholarship