The Publicity Activities of ACHC at the First Lisu Youth Conference Enjoys Great Popularity


From December 12 to 14, the first World Assembly of Lisu Youth kicked off in Myitkyina. ACHC was invited to participate in the event. Approved by the Organizing Committee, ACHC set up a promotion booth for the popularization of hydropower science and Hydropower Projects in the Upstream Ayeyawady River Basin, which enjoyed great popularity.

During the conference, ACHC repeatedly displayed its slogan of social responsibility and promotion video of Chipwi Nge Hydropower Project at the booth, and distributed more than 3,000 sets of publicity materials in Lisu language, Myanmar script and English to the participants. On the afternoon of December 14, ACHC carried out an exchange with Lisu youth representatives from countries including Myanmar, China, Thailand, the United States and Australia on Myanmar’s energy development and the Ayeyawady Project. The Lisu youth representatives expressed their concern about Myanmar’s energy development as well as economic development and improvement of people’s livelihood promoted by hydropower development. Moreover, they showed great interest in the development vision of the Ayeyawady Project. The staff of ACHC meticulously and precisely answered all of their questions. In the closing speech, U A Phu Yi Li Mee, Chairman of Lisu Literature and Cultural Central Committee, who is also the Honorary Chairman of Organizing Committee of Lisu Youth Conference, thanked ACHC for the special exchange with Lisu youth, which not only helped them to understand the Ayeyawady Project, but also enabled them to learn a lot of hydropower science knowledge.

The Lisu Youth Conference is an annual event. Sponsored by Lisu Literature and Cultural Central Committee, the first Lisu Youth Conference was participated by more than 3,000 Lisu youth representatives from all over the world. They gathered at the Lisu Traditional Cultural Square in Myitkyina to discuss the political, economic, and cultural development prospects of the Lisu people.