ACHC Celebrates “New Rice Festival” Together with the Catholicism and Christianity of Myitsone Hydropower Station Resettlement Villages


In November, all parts of northern Myanmar were emitting the aroma of fruits. With the joy of harvest, the Kachin people, wearing costumes, singing and dancing, celebrated the “New Rice Festival” together for good weather and abundant crops in the coming year.

In this festival, Upstream Ayeyawady Confluence Basin Hydropower Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ACHC”) was invited to attend the New Rice Festival of Catholicism and Christian Baptist in Aung Myin Thar and Maliyang Resettlement Villages, Myitsone Hydropower Station, to celebrate the harvest together. U Jau Ulau Notong, Father of Aung Myin Thar Catholic Church, said in his speech that before the relocation, the church in the village was small and could not accommodate many believers at festivals. ACHC has built a spacious and bright church for them in Aung Myin Thar and they were very grateful for help from ACHC all the time. The brave and industrious Kachin people should also be self-reliant and create a happy life with their own hands.