ACHC Is Striving to Enrich the Amateur Cultural Life of the Villagers in the Resettlement Villages of Myitsone Hydropower Station

504622211861245501.jpgFrom October 15 to 18, taking the opportunity of “2018 Chinese Film Festival” and “LanChang-Mekong Journey of Chinese Films”, ACHC together with China Radio International, toured and showed three excellent Chinese films in the Aung Myin Thar Resettlement Village and Malian Resettlement Village of Myitsone Hydropower Station, which were warmly welcomed by the villagers of the resettlement villages and the surrounding area.

During the film screening, the public sometimes laughed at the humorous scenes, sometimes expressed their surprise at the wonderful actions, as well as felt sad or happy as the story developed. At the end of the screening each day, the villagers were reluctant to leave the open-air cinema and thanked ACHC as well as the film players again and again.

The four-day film screening not only enriched the amateur cultural life of villagers in the resettlement villages and the surrounding area of Myitsone Hydropower Station, improved the attraction of the resettlement villages, but also enabled the people to feel the charm of Chinese culture and built a bridge connecting the people of the two countries. In the following steps, ACHC will further enrich the amateur culture of villagers through various ways, such as setting up the resettlement village cultural center, so that villagers can live and work in peace and happiness.