The First Electric Power Science Knowledge Contest of the Resettlement Villages in Myitsone Hydropower Station Comes to a Successful Conclusion


Lasted for a month, the First Electric Power Science Knowledge Contest sponsored by ACHC came to a successful conclusion. On November 15 and 16, the Aung Myin Thar Resettlement Village and Malian Resettlement Village of Myitsone Hydropower Station held the award ceremony successively. Representatives of ACHC, heads of the resettlement villages and school principals presented the prizes and certificates to the winners respectively. The prize winners couldn’t hide their joy, and meanwhile, the resettlement villagers crowded together, just to see the elegant demeanor of the winners.

U Mi Ton Naw Ja, Head of the Aung Myin Thar Resettlement Village said in his speech that since the electric power is the cornerstone of the country’s economic and social development, this Electric Power Science Knowledge Contest not only enabled the villagers, teachers and students to master the basic knowledge of electric power, but also improved the scientific quality of the villagers, allowing them to realize the benefits of electric power, especially the benefits of hydropower and being of great benefit to enriching their knowledge. Meanwhile, he also mentioned that the winners should make persistent efforts, while others should continue to study harder.

This Knowledge Contest adopted the forms of written and oral answers, combining learning with pleasure, which is both lively and relaxing. ACHC and the Organization Committee of the Competition of the Resettlement Villages jointly judged the winners of the student group, teacher group and villager group. There into, 18 contestants were awarded the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively in the villager groups, teacher groups and student groups of the Aung Myin Thar Resettlement Village and Malian Resettlement Village, while 43 contestants won the excellence award. Through the competition, a new tendency of loving science, learning science, talking about science and using science has been formed among the villagers of resettlement villages, which further enriched their amateur cultural life.