ACHC was Invite to Participate in the Popularization Activity of Scientific Knowledge of the Children’s Reception School of Debris Flow in the Upstrea


On November 20, ACHC was invite to participate in the popularization activity of scientific knowledge of the Children’s Reception School of Debris Flow in the Upstream of Ayeyawady River and donated 10 million kyats as well as some other materials to the Reception School. This event was held in accordance with the requirements put forward by the Senior Minister during his inspection to the schools in October. More than 400 people such as officials from Kachin State Council and Ministry of Education of Myanmar, well-known writers and students in Myanmar attended the event.  

Appointed by the Senior Minister, famous writers U Maung Sein Win(Ba Di Gon), Ah Gyi Ko Ko and U A Lyar Zar gave the lectures on science popularization to the students.

Taking the heroic deeds of Myanmar, China and other countries as examples, they taught the students about the knowledge background and how to make better use of what they have learned to contribute to the country and society.

At the ceremony, ACHC first donated 10 million kyats to the Reception School to improve students’ living and learning conditions, and then it specially awarded the special scholarships to four outstanding students who were admitted to the university this year, bringing children warm greetings.

The Reception School was set up in 2016 after the debris flow disasters occurred in Tsaw Law Township, Lang Cel and other places of Kachin State. Since its establishment, ACHC has donated 5 million kyats to the disaster areas for emergency resettlement. After that, it continues to donate rice, edible oil and school supplies to the school, so as to create good living and learning conditions for children and actively fulfill its corporate social responsibility.