Together with China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, ACHC Awards the Scholarships to the Two Orphanages in Myitkyina


On November 10 and 11, together with China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, ACHC awarded the scholarships to the Grace Happy Land and Love Orphan Center of Myitkyina. A total of 40 outstanding students was awarded, and the total scholarship is 9.9 million kyats (RMB: Kyat =1:220, equivalent to 45,000 yuan).

The children sang songs happily and wished that the Sino-Myanmarese friendship would last forever. Daw Hkawn Din, Director of the Grace Happy Land, thanked China and ACHC for continuous care for the children, which not only solved the children’s basic living needs, but also enabled them to regain their confidence in life and study hard. This year, three more students were admitted to the university. U Dae Toe, Director of the Love Orphan Center, also mentioned that, the children now have no worries about life and the Sino-Myanmar friendship has become the biggest assistance to their growth.

So far, ACHC not only assisted the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in building the Grace Happy Land Sino-Myanmar Friendship School and the Love Orphan Center School, installed the transformer and built the new dining rooms for the schools, but also donated rice, edible oil, stationeries, teaching equipment and so on to the two orphanages every year, showing its spirit of compassion and social responsibility.

In the future, ACHC will unremittingly carry out social welfare activities such as helping orphanages, and earnestly practice the “Myanmar Sentiment and ACHC Love”.