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Resettlement work

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The river basins of the Projects have a typical deep river valley terrain. The area to be submerged after he completion of the projects is very small, which only accounts for 1.4% of the entire basin area. The number of people to be relocated in the submerged area is less than 20,000.

Both the Government of Myanmar and the ACHC attach much importance to resettlement. In order to accomplish the resettlement, they take basic principle of resettlement as ¡°fully respecting the desires of the project-affected people (PAP), and ensuring their standard of living is not lower than their original level and is improved¡±.
Map of Reservoir Inundation and Resettlement Statistics
At present, the resettlement work for Myitsone dam site area has been substantially finished. The dam site area of Myitsone Project involves 5 villages including 410 households with a total number of 2,146 people, public facilities such as monasteries, churches, schools and hospitals. In order to accomplish the resettlement, ACHC has conducted investigation of the desires of the PAPs and selected two places with convenient transport, good environmental and topographic conditions as the resettlement sites. The resettlement planning design were based on the consultations with PAPs about the types of buildings and relocation subsidy, necessary adjustments were made and reflected in the design before construction.
I. Original houses are all upgraded to two-story comfortable brick and timber structures
II. Assistance is given to move each family to the new resettlement villages. 100,000 kyat subsistence allowance, a 21-inch color TV and necessities were issued to each family.
III. Proper compensations were made to privately owned orchards and economic trees. The total compensation expense for Myitsone dam site reaches 4.1 billion kyat. At present, compensations to the relocated PAPs have substantially been issued.
IV. The original infrastructure such as schools and hospitals etc. are upgraded to concrete structures equipped with furnitures. The teaching materials, school uniforms and stationeries were donated to all the students. In addition, high standard hospitals, police stations, fire control and administration buildings, post offices and market places are added, and the community functions are improved.
V. 440 acres of land were reclaimed and allocated to the PAP. In order to restore production as soon as possible, we also issued 100,000 kyat land consolidation fee, one-year rice, 30 kg of rice seeds and 50 kg of fertilizers to each household.
VI. 19.68 km of concrete roads was built in the new resettlement villages, and stable water and power supply is provided for the community free of charge. Thus, the conditions of infrastructure are greatly improved.

New ResettlementVillage in Myitsone Dam Site

Compensation Paid to PAP

New Hospital with Complete Facilities in Resettlement Village

     New School

Spacious New Monastery

New Church

Road in ResettlementVillage

On April 10, 2011, over 50 people of visiting group of military attach¨¦s from foreign countries, led by Col. Sloan, the American military attach¨¦ to Myanmar visited the new resettlement village and spoke highly of the resettlement.The military attach¨¦s from Japan, South Korea, India, Laos, Cambodia and Bangladesh praised the contributions that ACHC had made to the locals. They suggested that international media should be invited to visit the site.

Military Attach¨¦ From Many Countries Hearing Report on Construction and Resettlement of Myitsone Project
For the resettlement in Myitsone reservoir area, the resettlement experience gained in the dam site will be fully used for reference to make resettlement more reasonable and feasible. The roads and bridges to be inundated within the reservoir area will also be reconstructed in principle that the reconstruction shall be done not lower their original standards and with improvements to meet the transportation need of the local residents.
In addition, both the Government of of Myanmar and ACHC are committed to the long-term assistance and supports for the PAPs. At present, we have already been formulating assistance and support measures, aiming at establishing cultivation and vegetable bases at the river basin, so as to attract the local people to provide logistics services for project construction, make more and better job opportunities for them, and ensure the long-term sustainable development of the PAPs.
ACHC has already invested 25 million USD in resettlement, and the living standard of PAPs has been improved remarkably.
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